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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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generation is playing a key role in keeping the memory of ed bradley alive, see where these young philadelphians headed and what they are doing to make sure that no one ever forgets this broadcast pie near. it is 6:00 o'clock and from sunny, to stormy, in moments a quick hitting storm send people running for cover, starting off the summer with some severe, weather, tonight we're told tens of thousands are without power in our area. many of those outages in fail and montgomery county. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will go to meteorologist lauren case toy find out where this storm is now, lauren. >> thanks so much, guys. it is almost off shore but not quite and still severe thunderstorm warned, severe thunderstorm warning for the area. it drops off at 6:30. over burlington county and moving through ocean county
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right now warning is included atlantic county, burlington county, and camden county right now, ocean county until 6:15. we will see this moving off to thee southe a possibility of 50 to 60-mile an hour wind. good news a cell looks like it is starting to weaken a little bit but still pack a punch as it moves in barnegat light house in beach haven, mystic island and little egg harbor. that is moving in the next 10 to 15 minutes. or wise quiet conditions, another round of rain, couple of rumbles working through chester county trying to sneak in delaware county but we didn't have widespread storm activity. we had one cell that tracked all the way, across the delaware valley, maintaining its, strength as it did over last couple of hours. it brought down trees, wires in pottstown. even some damage to some homes delran township burlington county, new jersey, large tree branches down, radnor delaware county, numerous large trees down,e hampton see trend, several trees down.
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it will be a tough commute watching out and navigating around these tree branches and down wires as well, but things will be quiet as we head in the rest of the evening. we will talk more about that and your upcoming weekend forecast, one wet day and one glorious day, and i'll have the answer coming up. >> thanks, lauren. we have breaking news right now though in hamilton township mercer county. chopper three is live over search for a missing swimmer. police say two teenagers got swept away about an hour ago swimming in the marshy area near west cot avenue. we are told one of the teens was able to get out on his own , a 17 year-old boy is still missing. our news roomies monitoring the situation, and update for you, as soon as more information is made available to us. this weather is causing damage across the area "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live in philadelphia's logan neighborhood with the look at storm aftermath there. alex? >> reporter: yeah, i feel like if you blinked you may have missed this storm but evidence
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of the power you can see right behind me, check out this large tree that fell in the 1100 block of windrum street. that was just about an hour ago. its root system completely elevated but more shocking then that check out the buick, vehicle crush, we were told that no one was inside of that car at the time. a witness, tells us that as he watch this tree tumble he saw his women across the street who may have just barely missed getting hit by it. police and fire officials want if check out the scene but because wires of powers lines struck are still live and they are having difficulty doing so we did speak with some residents who came out see bewildered by the fact that they did not have power anymore. that is attributed to these wires being down. you can see peco's on the scene right now. one woman we spoke with said she will not get her power returned to her until tomorrow she called that line. they said tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. neighbors dealing with those difficulties but it seems like no one was hurt in this
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incident. we will survey other damage around the city. reporting live from the logan section of the city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, a man walks out of police custody, problem he wasn't supposed to be set free tonight that man is back behind bars, and plenty of questions, remain. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is in west philadelphia with exactly how this happened , joe, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, philadelphia police say they cannot recall this having ever happened, that man who was supposed to go back to prison walk right out the front door. paperwork mix up at 18th and attempted sexual assault suspect russell bryant left the police precinct a freeman tuesday afternoon. bryant, an inmate, at current fromhold was lock up on sex charges last movement while in jail drexel university detectives, tied him to another crime, a theft, so on tuesday, bryant was transported 14 miles away, for a video arraignment at 18th district in west philadelphia, and even though, cure even
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from hold has its own closed circuit camera foreclosed circuit proceedings. >> after being arraigned he was released on those charges only. in other word that owe even if was not grave enough to result in him staying in custody on that owe even if. >> reporter: police say officers at 18th should have seen two sets of paperwork one containing the new theft charge, and another set that showed bryant was to be returned to jail, sources say the word do not release are printed in bold, black type. >> somehow or another in the 18th district, those sets of paperwork got detached from each other. >> reporter: now out of custody for 17 hearst we're told bryant actually showed up at drexel university police to address his theft case. officers recognized him from alerts philadelphia police had issued. he was taken back in cuss toyed. police are promising a review of how an oversight allowed this to happen. >> this shouldn't happen in the perfect world so we have to figure out what we need to do to close this up to make sure this doesn't happen.
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thankfully there were no catastrophic consequences to this. >> reporter: as you can imagine there are inherent risks when inmates are transported to and from these various locations, to appear, on closed circuit camera. now most of these cameras exist at district is a cross philadelphia and at the cjc and also at jail as we pointed out and right now philadelphia police after this incident are reviewing if there is a more efficient way to conduct these closed circuit proceedings. that is very latest live from west philadelphia, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". judge in the bill cosby trial released names of the jurors, a move opposed by attorneys on both side of the case. judge stephen o'neill made the names public just a short time ago saying that the jurors can talk to the media, but stipulated that they cannot discuss what other jurors said during deliberations. injury friday allegheny county deliberated the case for about a week resulting in two dead locks. the judge then declared a mistrial, the prosecutors say that they will retry the case.
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second day of the testimony in the seth williams federal corruption trial focused on his alleged spending habits. prosecution witnesses who took the stand this afternoon included the manager of the union league and employees at the nursing home where his mother lives. the nurse being home employees testified that williams dodged bills and calls, asking for payment, for his mother's car, the manager of the union league testified that williams spent thousands on fine dining williams has denied any wrongdoing. city officials broke ground today in the site of the new headquarters, for the philadelphia housing authority this new building will be located on ridge avenue in north philadelphia. the 45 million-dollar complex will consolidate a number of offices currently scattered across the city. officials say building will serve as an anchor on the revitalized ridge avenue commercial corridor. a tribute to the journalism icon and his lasting legacy. >> philadelphia native ed bradley is closer to
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completion thanks to those who continue to inspire by the late cbs news correspondent. >> don bell's here now and you spent sometime, don with young people hoff a key role in this mural they are putting together. >> it was a special day, special day as you will see. eleven years ago the cbs family who one of the journalism's all time greats, in 2006, ed bradley who his fight with leukemia while working on a mural has just begun we are already getting a sense of its its lasting impact. to some, this is just a wall, to others, much more. >> i saw it appeared before my living eyes was this beautiful , beautiful, canvas of a wall. >> reporter: 949 belmont avenue in west philadelphia. the future home of a philadelphia original. >> good evening, in tehran tonight american embassy... >> reporter: for 26 years ed bradley smoothly shined as a correspondent for 60 minutes a
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trailblazer known for bold questions and powerful interviews, a role model for millions to watch, and on this corner, for thousands more to see in the form of a mural. >> contacted mural arts, go ahead, that would be great, and i reached out to various people, shared information with them, went out, and everybody was in love with the idea to honor ed bradley with the mural. >> murals talk about our history, our stories, our struggles, as preparations. >> reporter: with that an an artistic vision to celebrate bradley was born and to make this a reality the philadelphia mural arts program chose 30 students from philadelphia to help with the process which began with an educational field trip. first, they took a two hour bus ride to insuring to visit cbs headquarters to learn about journalism and walk in bradley's footsteps. >> to see you guys walk in and say wow, this is so cool, so
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great. >> reporter: after snapping photos in studio 57, bradley's widow was there as wednesday began to paint the actual sheets of encloses that will be used for the mural. >> this mural is very much a celebration of ed, it is also a celebration of philadelphia and all of the great people of philadelphia, that they have produced like ed but it is also really for me most importantly a celebration of each and everyone of you. >> yes, i will remember that i got to paint on a mural by a very important person and what good times i had here. >> it was nice also i like it. >> reporter: but the students, artists had help, thanks to 60 minutes staffers like bill whittaker and legendary leslie stall, their memories of ed are as vivid as paint on their brushes. >> he just had integrity, strength, he wasn't going to be pushed around. if he objected to something it was always for the right reasons and he was fun.
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he was really fun. >> the information is our goal it is necessary. he was the best purveyor of information that what he had. >> reporter: ed bradley lived a full life, big, bold with masterful strokes just like the artwork that will bear his face and name. >> in the arc of his career from radio to television the fact that he always connected to the city of philadelphia, never forgot about his city and about to celebrate what he has done. >> cbs corporation is happy to join with the ed bradley family foundation of funding of the mural which will be revealed november 9th. big shout out to the philadelphia association of black journalist and bradley's alma matter, cheyney university, both playing big rolls in the creation of that beautiful mural thaw saw there in the piece. >> patricia says it is a celebration. >> it is indeed. >> i can't wait to see finished product. >> it would be great.
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>> thanks, don. still to come on "eyewitness news" a slip and fall with the devastating result. >> impact is incredible. you basically had in life left >> but now a potential break through in pain relief could give this northeast philadelphia man his life back our stephanie stahl explains the treatment, that is being called, a game
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there is a new kind of way to get rid of back pain being called a game changer for people not getting relief and don't want to depend on drugs. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the first patient locally to be part of the clinical trial. >> touch your knees. >> brian musgrave has trouble with any kind of moving. he broke his back slipping on black ice two years ago. >> which is worse when you twist backward or go straight backward. >> backward. >> reporter: two surgeries later and every kind of therapy possible, he is still
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in agony. >> it is a constant pain that goes down from my back, down both legs into my feet and down to my feet it feels like needles. >> reporter: at 50 he is no longer able to work and even simple joy of playing with his grandson are limited. >> he wants pop pop to pick him up but he can't. >> reporter: he is hoping this will give him back his life the evoke system new spinal cord stimulation therapy. >> i think potential is this will be a big break through. >> reporter: doctor stephen rosen with the delaware valley pain and spine institute is testing the system. >> in real time, we're reading the patients pain and responding to it, and that is a major advance in pain management. >> reporter: device is surgically implanted in the back with a lead that goes up the spinal column. >> this is all, under the skin >> reporter: device creates an electrical stimulation that stops pain signal to the brain and first to adjust to movement and variations in pain. >> the signal can change, the
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patient's position, whether they are coughing, if they are in a car. >> reporter: brian hopes he will be able to get off a fentanyl patch and oxycodone he has been using for pain relief. >> praying that it can help, enough to get off of some of the drugs. i don't want to be on this medication for the rest of my life. >> reporter: since therapy does not work for everyone brian was able to try a portable external unit before decide to go get the surgery. >> it helps with the nerve pain. sort of the tingling feeling. >> i think it is great, awesome and i believe it will be something. >> reporter: brian was first patient in our area to test device, he says he is feeling better, and spine institute is looking for more people to be part of the clinical trial, preliminary data shows a majority of the patients get sustained pain relief and as with any surgery there is a risk of infection. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> game changer for sure, indeed. >> lauren's here with the forecast and things quieted
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down. >> things are quieting down. after that storm rolled through center city philadelphia, beautiful rainbow. >> funny how that happened. >> lets look at the pot of the gold you can see that captured by lauren sullivan, our digital director. she captured this right outside cbs-3 studios on spring garden street. beautiful scene thereafter that severe storm, just quickly ran its way through center city philadelphia it trek all across the delaware valley, bringing down trees and power lines, unfortunately as it went but things are quiet. still have cloud and little bit of rain moving back into center city philadelphia. 73 degrees. we will drop down to 86 to 73 from that rain cooled air you can see where that cell went through. temperatures in the 70's and 60's but 85 in ac. eighty-two wildwood where we have not been touched by that rainfall. storm scan three not showing widespread active but that severe thunderstorm over last three hours from berks county
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to the western suburbs, center city philadelphia into south jersey and now moving its way off the coast, ocean county where we have severe thunderstorm warning for northern parts of the county. rain starting to return west of the city trying to go in the city as well, we will take a peak at the cell moving off shore but beach haven, barnegat light house, still seeing wind and lightening embedded in that cell. we are seeing downpours that regenerate add cross chester county, delaware county, new castle county delaware. heaviest pocket moving toward hockessin, coming down into pike creek as well and center city philadelphia rain is trying to work back in there as well as rain coming down in havertown, upper darby and springfield rain has returned but we will in the see much more in the way of activity heading in the next couple hours. storm scan three quiet otherwise but we did receive some major rainfall totals just from that one cell, burlington city, new jersey over an inch of rain point pleasant beach over half inch of rain and in philadelphia we
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have pick up a quarter inch from that severe thunderstorm. as we head in the overnight period hit or miss downpour, partly cloudy conditions, 68 degrees for our thursday, mostly sunny, hot but not too humid, we are up to 90 degrees future weather will show us in the next couple hours all that activity winding down completely, quiet, sunny start , looking good for your lunch hour. looking good in the afternoon hours as well, cloud deck increasing as we head in the evening hours in advance of the moisture due to tropical storm sinned that i will make land fall along the gulf coast as we head in the night and day tomorrow. it will bring copious amounts of the rain to the gulf coast, 10 to 20 inches, and we will catch surge of moisture here in the delaware valley because of that system but that is only impact that we will see from cindy here, and could bring us heavy rainfall saturday morning before we quickly clear out late day saturday which makes for a beautiful sunday. >> we like that, thanks lauren >> beautiful. >> don's up next with sports.
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>> sixers just set a franchise record and you may have helped we will tell you about it. plus fingers crossed for flyers how they could lose a man in the middle, sports up
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tonight will be wild one in the nhl las vegas golden knights will announce roster and all of the trade they have made over the last few days. here's why we care. all teams can lose only one player, and multiple reports say that the flyers will lose assistant captain pierre edward bellmawr. the fourth line center was one of the best penalty killers on the team, also a team leader but this is the expansion draft. all right. nba, all is quiet on the sixers front. no trades. no rumors. however, there is some good news for the teams piggy bank. they sold 14,000 season tickets for upcoming season.
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that is currently most in the nba and franchise record. not only do fans trust the process they invest in it. >> yes. >> ukee is like yeah. >> yeah. >> the phillies, battling the cardinals, last night, um-hmm, they took a one-one tie in the 11th inning and then wheels fell off wagon. two run double, pair of two run home runs and another double. cardinals scores seven runs in the inning, phillies lose eight-one. they play again tonight with nick paveta on the mound. >> we should beat them or at lee compete with them, last night was a good example we were right in the game, we had opportunities to win but could not push that one run across and as long as our pitchers keep us in the game we always have a chance to win but we have not been doing it consistently. the phillies have signed their first round draft pick outfielder adam housely as well as six other draft picks, he is out of the university of virginia was selected eighth overall in the draft and he says he is trying to enjoy the
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experience. >> it has been a lot going on and just moving pretty fast. been trying to enjoy the best i can and just being out there the last couple of days has been fantastic and really enjoyed being out on the field and meeting, you know, lot of the guys and just trying to, you know, experience everything. >> welcome to philly, bra. the play of the night belongs to the reading phillies, pitcher austin davis the bear handed catch and then how about the double at first base, bare handed we are impressed by that which is why we show it. >> nicely done. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> honors for some philadelphia classics right around the corner. >> we now know what philadelphians will be showcasing boys two men and how they are doing it,,
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end of the road and now philly's own boys two men are days away from the official unveiling of the very own, boulevard. >> the city of philadelphia, will honor the r and b singers with a street renaming this saturday, broad street between christian and carpet will be boys two men boulevard, and that ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m. by the way the group attended philadelphia high school of creative and performing arts on that very stretch. >> i remember video. >> yes. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at 10 own our sistertition cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, the "cbs evening news". from new york here now is anthony mason.
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take care family, we will see you >> mason: the rain of cindy. the tropical storm starts hitting the gulf coast. states of emergency are in effect as cindy turns deadly. also tonight, the stabbing of a police officer at a michigan airport is being investigated as an act of terror. an ex-green beret risks his life to rescue a child from isis. >> reporter: when you look at the picture, what goes through your mind? >> it makes me want to cry, because i think she made it. >> mason: and the moon is about the dance with the sun, and it's the hottest ticket in town. >> we call it the great american eclipse, but everyone is watching this. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> mason: goodni


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